Jumbo Loans

Sometimes, you need something extra to buy a house for yourself. For example, your favorite house is too expensive to buy, but you have decided to buy this specific property only. Here, conventional home loans do not help you. You need jumbo loans that are specially designed for those buyers who can manage down payments and heavy installments convincingly.

To finance too expensive properties, we recommend you to go for jumbo loans. The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) has determined the policy for jumbo home loans by adjusting the maximum amount of loan to $548,250. When you show your interest in a specific home, and the upper limit exceeds the limit related to conventional loans, you can go for jumbo loans.

Another term is also used for jumbo loans. The experts call this option non-confirming conventional mortgages. The drawback of these loans is that the lenders find this option riskier. They think that they can bear a loss due to these loans in case of default. Jumbo loans are available with fixed and variable interest rates, and you can choose any of them. However, with both interest rates, terms and conditions are different. Therefore, you need to understand both types and decide accordingly.

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