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Thanks for stopping by. About Shay Hensley…

Shay Hensley

Personal Mortgage Specialist

Shay started TopChoice Mortgage after twenty years in retail lending, mortgage operations, and mortgage brokering. Prior to becoming a loan consultant, he worked in mortgage operations where he assumed roles such as Closer, Funder, Collector and Closing Manager. Having exposure to all these different aspects of loan origination has allowed Shay to create a seamless mortgage journey for all his clients.

Shay is extremely passionate about assisting others in securing their American Dream of owning a home. Being able to play an important part in a family’s life, and seeing them smile at the closing table is undeniably the most rewarding part of being in the mortgage business. Whether it be a first-time home buyer or an experienced one, he’s always ready to design the perfect loan to match his clients’ needs, no matter what hurdles stand along the way.

Shay is married to wife Keri and has three children, Dade, Lani and Alea. In his free time, he enjoys hunting and fishing as well as watching his kids play sports, sing in the choir and play in the orchestra.

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